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Designed For Top Quality & Safe Operation


With top quality and safety in focus, The Falcon Spider Lifts have an automatic safety and stability management-system, ensuring maximum safety and maximum outreach with any combination of outrigger settings, even with the outriggers set up on different levels.

The Falcon Spider Lifts fulfills the machinery directive 2006/42EC and the harmonized MEWP standard EN 280.

Top Quality & Product Reliability

TCA LIFT has a certified quality control system. The Falcon Spider Lifts are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards ensuring product reliability, efficiency and low maintenance costs.

This makes The Falcon Spider Lifts very stable and safe to operate, caused by best quality, workmanship and latest state of the art safety-systems.

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The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift series

FS290 – FS320  FS330Z

FS370 – FS420  FS370C – FS420C  FS520C

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