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Designed For Narrow Access

The design of The Falcon Spider Lift is extremely compact / narrow in its stowed position, allowing it to pass through a standard single door opening of only 0,8 m width and 1,98 m height with The Falcon Spider Lift FS290 – FS320, which is the most compact / narrow of The Falcon Spider Lifts.

The compact / narrow design of The Falcon Spider Lift allows access to job sites where entrance space is limited, and high reach is required.

Atriums, hotels, shopping centres, facility management sites, office buildings and airports etc. are just some of the places where The Falcon Spider Lifts are in operation world-wide.

The table below shows The Falcon Spider Lift measurements in transport position:

Model: FS290  FS320  FS330Z  FS370  FS420  FS370C  FS420C  FS520C 
Width 0,80 m 0,80 m 1,10 m 0,90 m 0,90 m 1,22 m 1,22 m 1,25 m
Height 1,98 m 1,98 m 2,27 m 1,98 m 1,98 m 2,10 m 2,10 m 2,10 m

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The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift series

FS290 – FS320  FS330Z

FS370 – FS420  FS370C – FS420C  FS520C

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