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Designed For Low Weight & Ground Pressure

The Falcon Spider Lifts are designed to have the lowest possible weight to reduce the ground pressure, and thereby make The Falcon Spider Lifts more applicable in any kind of use, both indoor and outdoor.

The weight and ground pressure of The Falcon Spider Lifts are unmatched by other brands. On top of that The Falcon Spider Lifts FS370 – FS420 are equipped with a unique boogie rear wheel axle which decreases ground pressure and allows driving on even sensitive floors likes tiles, terrazzo, and marble.

Besides that The Falcon Spider Lifts are also available as crawler models which furthermore reduces the ground pressure.

The Falcon Spider Crawler models except for the FS320Z, are designed with a double crawler system, which makes the steering properties of the lifts very easy and maneuverable. Furthermore The Crawler Lifts are designed to be able to climb slopes and even steps in variable degrees depending on The Falcon Spider Crawler model

The Falcon Spider Crawler Lift models are FS320Z, FS370C – FS420C and FS520C.

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The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift series

FS290 – FS320  FS330Z

FS370 – FS420  FS370C – FS420C  FS520C

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