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Designed For Limited Setup Space

Multi-positioning outrigger system when space is limited!

The Falcon Spider Lifts are designed for limited setup space, and have unique hydraulic outriggers which are independent controlled and multipositional. This allows each outrigger of The Falcon Spider Lift to be individually rotated and articulated in both horizontal and vertikal planes.

Each outrigger of The Falcon Spider Lift can be placed in three different positions, making for example The Falcon Spider Lift FS290 – FS320 from 3,6 m wide in the most compact / narrow position of the outriggers, to 5,4 m wide in the widest position, in both sides of The Falcon Spider Lift.

The table below shows the different outrigger positions of the individual Falcon Spider Lifts.

The unique set-up system of The Falcon Spider Lift allows operation where space is limited, and requires maximum flexibility, e.g. on stairs, slopes etc. at the same time.

The compact / narrow design of The Falcon Spider Lift allows access to job sites where entrance space is limited, and high reach is required.

Atriums, hotels, shopping centres, facility management sites, office buildings and airports etc. are just some of the places where The Falcon Spider Lifts are in operation world-wide.

The table below shows The Falcon Spider Lift measurements in transport position:

Model: FS290 FS320 FS330Z FS370 FS420 FS370C FS420C FS520C
Narrow 3,60m 3,60m 3,60m 4,30m 4,30m 4,31m 4,31m 4,31m
Medium 4,60m 4,60m 4,60m 5,60m 5,60m 5,59m 5,59m 5,59m
Wide 5,40m 5,40m 5,40m 6,60m 6,60m 6,54m 6,54m 6,54m

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The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift series

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FS370 – FS420  FS370C – FS420C  FS520C

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