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Project Work – How We Work

Innovative solutions for facility management access
TCA LIFT is specializing in solutions for properly and economically maintenance of indoor atriums, facades of high-rise buildings, facility management access, etc..
With more than 50 years’ combined international industry experience and a track record for innovative thinking, TCA Lift specializes in addressing the access complexity of contemporary buildings, while avoiding architectural compromises.

The company provides a total advisory access service from the design phase to the delivery of the final solution – working on both new buildings and retrofitting access solutions for existing buildings – as well as conducting reviews of established access solutions.

TCA LIFT offers an ideal mix of experience, innovation and reliability – with the advantage of being a small and responsible team.

Reputation and relationships within the industry are highly valued, and the team works hard to provide excellent value for money for the company’s clients.

The TCA LIFT team follows a highly methodical process when working on building access solutions. The team members have more than 50 years of combined international experience in the innovation, design, manufacturing, delivery and after sales service of access solutions. This ensures that a total service is provided, including

–          Conceptual design and coordination with our team
–          Access solution options and recommendations
–          Preliminary design and product specifications
–          Tender preparation and evaluation
–          Manufacturing and project overview
–          Installation and after sales service

We are pleased to invite you into the world of innovative solutions. Solutions and design, not limited by traditional concepts but empowered by creative thinking, technological skills, and state of art product solutions.

The FALCON SPIDER has been designed to adjust and conform to the most unique challenges and will suit the most difficult tasks of maintenance work.

TCA lift helps you to find the ultimate access solution for maintenance of unique buildings. Our highly skilled team will assist you all the way from scratch and idea to final product presentation.

If you would like to discuss how TCA LIFT could be of value to your project, please contact Brian Falck Schmidt on +45 40310432 or email: