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Technical Department – R&D

A strong team – combined 100 years experience in lift development

TCA lift has its own technical department. It is important for a company like ours, being able to perform all technical tasks.
A department where some of the employees have only a few years experience and some up to more than 40 years experience.
It gives the opportunity to help our customers and partners as quick as possible. We are able to assist our sales- and aftersales- department with a rapid technical backup, which in turn is to the clients advantage.

TCA LIFT aims to be at the forefront of technology and be innovative.
Therefore we always try in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark to have at least one technical student in internship.

Our products must meet the requirements of the countries we export to. Therefore we must possess some knowledge about each
country’s norms and standards. These include CE, ANSI and CSA.
All our lifts are CE marked and comply with the European Machinery Directive and the harmonized lift standard EN280 and
corresponding reference standards.

Technical Department performs development of new products and features. Ideas for this are usually in cooperation with our sales department, directors, and not least from our clients’ inputs.
The technical department has among others great knowledge in the following areas:

• Design and calculation of steel and aluminum constructions.
• Motion mechanisms
• Construction in 3D Cad software
• FEM analysis
• Hydraulics
• Electrical controls
• Programming
• EN and ISO Standards

consider it extremely important that we are experts in areas such as hydraulics and programming of our controllers. We have developed a service tool that makes it very easy to perform a visual diagnosis of an error at a possibly troubleshooting. The program is typically delivered to our service  partners in order to provide as quick and efficient service as possible. The program will be handed over after a detailed instruction. Employees from technical department are also used as teachers at technical training courses organized by our aftersales department.

In addition to finding new products it is also important that we continuously reduce the cost of our products and implement Blitz Kaizen projects through re-construction that reduces the cost.
We are therefore compelled to be team players and project managers.

We are constantly trying to have our customers at the focus. We are now very experienced in helping architects around the world to put our lifts into buildings, even if the building is still at the drawing board.

Steen Rotwitt Petersen
Technical Manager